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Re: interrupt cleanup #1

Cherry G. Mathew <cherry%zyx.in@localhost> writes:

> Hello Xen,
> I've been spending a little attention on our PV interrupt path with a
> view to getting PVHVM etc. to work better.

Hello - now that things have settled in nicely for 8.0, I'm going to
start rocking the boat again. The next set of patches are going to be
quite intrusive - especially wrt to interrupt paths, so I'd really like
more than just one pair of eyeballs on them please.

Sometime tomorrow I'll send a first re-org patch (no functional changes)
followed by the actual meat later in the week.

The idea with this set of reorgs is to be able to pull in the OpenBSD
PVHVM changes with as little disruption as possible, while maintaining
backwards compatibility to our existing features.

Many Thanks,

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