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Re: Xen 4.8.0 and NetBSD 7.1?

Not sure what I was thinking when I put the NetBSD 7.1 in the title as I’m really trying to do this on 8.0_RC1.

Didn’t hear anything from my original posting, but I have a bit more info to add.

Tried the Xen 4.6 and 4.5 kernels under 8.0_RC1.  The 4.5 kernel gets a little further trying to install Windows 95 before getting the error.  The 4.6 kernel installs but won’t come up when I reboot the system.  It reports an error that the kernel isn’t in ELF format, although it appears to be. Happens if the file is compressed or not.

Dropped back and installed NetBSD 7.1.2 and decided to try the Xen 4.2 kernel as it isn’t available in the pre-build packages for 8.0_RC1.  It won’t boot up either and reports the the xen kernel isn’t in ELF format.  This happens if the xen file is compressed or uncompressed.

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