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Stack overflow

Just started trying to learn Xen.  I’ve installed 4.8 on a fresh 8.0_RC1 amd64 system and managed to get a couple of guest systems up and running (both PV and HVM).  So I dug out my copy of Window-95 and tried installing it from the CD.  It starts up and begins the install process then aborts with the message “standard model: stack overflow”.  Did a Google search and this appears to be an issue with Xen on some, but not all, Linux systems.  I’m guessing it’s something in the build but don’t know how to fix it or get around the problem.  Can’t find any options in the XL documentation that might address this either.

Does anyone have an idea what can be done or how this can be fixed?  Is dropping back to an earlier version of Xen the best solution?


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