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Re: attaching cpu via lapic

Cherry G. Mathew <cherry%zyx.in@localhost> writes:

> The situation for XEN is as follows:
> PV domU - only vcpu
> HVM domU - only cpu
> PVHVM domU - cpu:vcpu -> 1:1
> PVH dom0 - cpu:vcpu -> 1:1 (IIUC)
> PV dom0 - cpu:vcpu -> vcpu can be fewer than cpu

Just to clarify:

dom0 is a controlling domain, and on Xen, has access to some of the BIOS
tables - Xen also considers it a "privileged" domain. (although access
to critical machine state is also mediated).

domU is an unprivileged domain in which guest OSs run

PV domU - Paravirtualised mode - the kernel uses explicit hypercalls for
     MMU and mtrr related access.
HVM domU - fully virtualised mode - the kernel uses no explicit hypercalls -
    kernel thinks its running native.
PVHVM - domU mix of the two above.
PVH - like PVHVM, but dom0
PV dom0 - like PV domU, but privileged domain.

Hope that makes sense.

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