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Re: Xen PV memory virtualization code security issue?

On Oct 30, 12:27pm, Hauke Fath wrote:
} has this 
} <https://raw.githubusercontent.com/QubesOS/qubes-secpack/master/QSBs/qsb-022-2015.txt> 
} (via fefe.de)
} been seen already? 

     Yes, it has.  Our xenkernel packages have all been updated
with the fix, plus several others.

} Relevance for NetBSD/xen?

     This is a bug in the Xen hypervisor itself.  It allows a
malicious PV guest to get access to physical memory.  At that point,
the host and all guests have been fully comprimised.  It is not
directly related to NetBSD/xen except that if NetBSD is running on
a Xen system that has been comprimised, it will be comprimised as

}-- End of excerpt from Hauke Fath

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