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Perception of slowness with xen after upgrading to 7.0

I recently upgraded my laptop from 6.x to NetBSD 7.0 i386.

Could not compile xentools/kernel 4.2 (it won't complie on 7.0 seems to be
documented on xen wiki already), so had to resort to 4.1.

I noticed performance degradation with Xen Dom0 (even with no guest
running) as well as a Linux DomU running on it. Difficult to put it
objectively, but it feels when switching between windows, the screen
doesn't refresh instantaneously as it would normally do etc.

As 2 things changed simultaneously, Upgrade to 7.x and downgrade to
xentools/kernel 4.1, I am not sure whether either of them would have
caused this. (In theory, could be a graphics issue, but unlikely since
with generic 7.0 kernel I don't see above issue.)

Would appreciate advice/pointers/discussion on this.


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