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Re: issue variable rpdk;

phipo writes:
- So,
- i read this link (it's french blog but can can to translate 
- automatiquely), 
- http://maniatux.grinome.org/index.php?article194/xen-netbsd-en-dom0.

- 1/ Can i must to compile a new kernel for DOM0 or just patch it ?

You do not need to compile your own kernel, it is available on the
NetBSD ftp site. I have no idea why the page you reference would
suggest that, as the XEN3_DOM0 (and XEN3_DOMU) kernels have been
built as part of the basic release since at least 5.2, if not

I would strongly recommend using the articles on the NetBSD wiki
about installing and configuring Xen to any others.  They're kept
reasonably up to date.  See http://wiki.netbsd.org/ports/xen/howto/.

- 2/ where a found XEN_DOM0 kernel on the NetBSD's FTP can you tell me 
- exactely the link

For NetBSD 7.0:

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