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Re: xen 4.5.0 packages available

On Feb 10,  5:58pm, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
} On Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 11:23:28AM -0500, Greg Troxel wrote:
} >[...] 
} > Yes, I did mean broken.   All programs that I know of can start and stop
} > repeatedly, including routing protocol daemons, mail daemons,
} > filesystems, and really everything else.  It seems like an obvious
} > requirement for normal operation.
} > 
} > I can certainly see that this might have been a bit tricky, and don't
} > fault people for putting it last, but I really don't see how it makes
} > sense as a design.
} > 
} > > In linux, and even freebsd dom0 xenstored can not be restarted, and the
} > > init script does not attempt to stop it, IRRC this is how it works on linux
} > > since 4.2 (I might be mistaken here).
} > 
} > Do you understand why this is so hard to fix?  Generally kernel
} > interfaces deallocate on close and can be reopened.
} Actually, this is because xenstored stores data, which is
} not stored on disk. Restarting is means that you restart with an empty
} store, which would basically mean you can't start new domU or properly
} shut down existing ones.
} Also, it's not only the dom0 kernel which would need to be able to reconnect
} to the xenstore, but also all domUs.

     Cleaning out old mail...

     Uh, wouldn't the domUs communicate with the xenstore via the kernel?
Or, is something done using xenbus to allow direct communication?

}-- End of excerpt from Manuel Bouyer

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