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Re: manual setup of DOMU

On Jun 25,  4:43pm, Pierre Pronchery wrote:
} On 06/25/15 09:10, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
} > On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 04:24:38PM -0600, Brook Milligan wrote:
} >> Reference: DOMU is NetBSD/amd64 7.99.18 (201505311600Z) with xen 4.2.3.
} >>
} >> I am trying to set up a file-backed DOMU manually from the distribution sets.  I thought the procedure was to do the following:
} >>
} >> - create a file of appropriate size with dd
} > 
} > You didn't create a sparse file, did you ?
} AFAIK sparse files should work; that's what my local setup is running
} anyway and it does work.
} I have issues with QCOW2 images though (xenkernel45-4.5.0nb5,
} xentools45-4.5.0nb4), they just won't boot, even though they should be
} supported.
} I also have issues with xl intermittently using two vnd(4) devices
} instead of one when starting VMs (with "xl create"). Sometimes it spits
} errors ("Device busy" IIRC) or sometimes not even. I can then run
} "vnconfig -u" on one of the devices.

     This one sounds like you have have run out of vnd device nodes.
By default, only four vnds are created.  You need to cd /dev, and
./MAKEDEV vnd4 vnd5 vnd6 vnd7 ...  This is a common problem when you
are using virtual disks with Xen and a have a bunch of clients or
multiple disks per client (that includes CD images).

}-- End of excerpt from Pierre Pronchery

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