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manual setup of DOMU

Reference: DOMU is NetBSD/amd64 7.99.18 (201505311600Z) with xen 4.2.3.

I am trying to set up a file-backed DOMU manually from the distribution sets.  I thought the procedure was to do the following:

- create a file of appropriate size with dd
- create a virtual disk for the file with vnconfig
- label the virtual disk with disklabel with partitions starting at sector 0, i.e., no magic sectors at the beginning
- newfs the appropriate vnd partition(s)
- mount the appropriate vnd partitions on, for example, /mnt
- untar the sets into /mnt
- fix up any files, e.g., in /etc
- unmount and vnconfig -u
- start the DOMU with xl using an appropriate config file with disks described like: file:/path/to/file,0x1,w with increasing indices (0x2,…) for additional disks

However, when I do this I am receiving errors like the following two:

WARNING: xbd1: total sector size in disklabel (8388608) != the size of xbd1 (262144)
WARNING: xbd1: end of partition 'a' exceeds the size of xbd1 (262144)

In this case, the file backing xbd1 is 262144 sectors * 512 b/s = 134217728 bytes and the disklabel lists the correct number of sectors for partition a with offset 0.  An entirely different disk (xbd0) has 8388608 sectors.

Have I done something wrong in the configuration?  Why does it seem that the disklabel for xbd0 is being used to interpret xbd1?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


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