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Re: xen-4.5 on NetBSD/amd64-6.1.5

On Friday, April 24, 2015, Greg A. Woods <woods%planix.ca@localhost> wrote:
At Thu, 23 Apr 2015 19:52:17 -0500, david l goodrich <dlg%dsrw.org@localhost> wrote:
Subject: xen-4.5 on NetBSD/amd64-6.1.5
> I just tried upgrading from xen 4.2 to 4.5, but my NetBSD domUs
> won't boot.  I am not having any luck tracking down a reason,
> does anyone have any pointers?

I had a lot of problems getting the new xl.cfg(5) parser to accept
old-style and now-deprecated "disk" and "vif" entries, but then again I
wasn't starting with existing working examples, and was making things up
without really knowing what would work.

Anyway, I would recommend converting to the new preferred style:

  disk = [
    'format=raw, vdev=0x1, access=rw, target=/dev/mapper/small-vm.router',

The syntax is still horrid -- I wish they had changed it to something
entirely new and simpler instead of this half-baked looks-like-python-
but-really-definitely-is-NOT-python mess that it is now.  (E.g. the way
the "target" parameter is hackishly parsed, or not parsed, if you will).

That is a horrid format.  I was able to get away with s/phy/raw/g across all my configs, though. It appears 'phy' has been removed from 4.5. Thanks for the pointer to get me going in the right direction. 


Also, run the create with lots of verbosity (xl -vvv create), and check
the Xen/dom0 console output too (dmesg && xl dmesg).  Those may give
more clues as to where the problem is occurring.

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