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Hi Everyone,

My name is Ragunath. I am a graduate student in computer science from India.
I am really excited that NetBSD is participating in this year's Google
Summer of Code.  I am interested in working with NetBSD in GSOC'15
this summer.

I am interested in the project "Bringing NetBSD to Microsoft Azure". I
have through the links provides and the following is my understanding
of the
aim of the project.

"Hyper-V is able to boot NetBSD but with emulated hardware(I tried
this and booted NetBSD). But this does not fully utilize the
capabilities of Hyper-V. The whole idea of this project would be to
utilize the virtualization technologies provided  by Hyper-V in
NetBSD. This is done by adding drivers for Hyper-V specific devices to
NetBSD. This include drivers for vmbus, network adapter, SCSI devices
and some  utilities like time synchronization, shutdown capabilities
and some other features. "

Pls correct me if my understanding is incorrect.If you recommend I do
or study something, please let me know.


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