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Re: DOMU problem with vif

El 29/01/15 a les 9.58, Manuel Bouyer ha escrit:
> On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 12:05:08AM -0800, Phil Nelson wrote:
>> Hello,
>>     I've finally had time to start using xen ... and have been setting
>> up a set of 4 machines with xen.   I'm using NetBSD/amd64, 6.1.5
>> as DOM0 and using xen 4.1.   On three of the 4 machines, I have
>> successfully set up a couple of DOMU domains.   Using an identical
>> setup (except MAC address) I've been having problems getting
>> the 4th machine to run any DOMU domains.     It continues to return
>> the error:
>> Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
>> I have a bridge created the same way as on the three working machines.
>> I have no clue where to go from here.   The machine has two real
>> ethernet ports and have tried both of them with identical results.
>> I have finally checked the dmesg of all the DOM0 kernels and have 
>> found that the three working ones are essentially identical, but there
>> the non-working one has some more interesting differences.   Following
>> is a unified diff from a working kernel and the non-working.  I'm
>> wondering if there is anything here that could explain why I can't
>> start a DOMU on the mc2 machine.
> I don't think the problem is there. what do you have in 
> /var/log/xenbackend.log (or /var/log/xen/xenbackend.log) ?

xenbackendd should not be running if you are using xl, libxl will
already take care of launching the necessary hotplug scripts:


Upstream xencommons rc.d script doesn't launch xenbackendd any more:


I will send a patch next week (if no one else beats me to it) to remove
xenbackendd from the Xen source since now xm/xend is also gone (which
was the only consumer of xenbackendd).


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