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Re: Migration - Xen 4.3

Le 20/01/2015 11:17, Stephen Borrill a écrit :

Do you try suspend/resume on UP or MP domU?

OK, I tried again with latest -current/amd64 and suspend/resume did
superficially work. Suspend was fine and it appeared to resume. du /
was able to go through the whole FS, but networking was dead.


Also, I could not cleanly shut it down.

I think that xennet is in a dangling state, but only XenStore (the "state" value for the device) could confirm that.

I tried again and then hit the xbd deadlock which panicked:
iostat_isbusy() at netbsd:iostat_isbusy
xbd_handler() at netbsd:xbd_handler+0x192

Okay, that one is still kicking. sigh.

Out of interest, I tried migrating between two homogeneous hosts with
the same results.

So no regression, but no progress, as expected.


Using xl or xm?

I'm using XenServer, so xapi rather than xl/xm.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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