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XENBARRIER rc.d script

I recently updated a system from xen 3.1 to xen 4.1.  For no good
reason, some of the new rc.d scripts didn't get installed, probably
because the old ones were manually placed.  When the system booted in
this state, it hung on some of older xen scripts (from 3.1).  I don't
want to debug this (the scripts from the xentools41 package work) but
sshd didn't start.  rcorder shows xencommons, xend and xendomains all
sorting before sshd.  This seems like a bug; remote access for admin
should happen before the relatively hairy xen stuff, at least IMHO.

So I created this file for /etc/rc.d:


# BEFORE: xencommons
# REQUIRE: sshd

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