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packages for Xen 4.4

     Once again, we are getting behind on our Xen packages.  Xen
4.1 is end-of-life, and Xen 4.2 is getting long in the tooth (Xen
4.5 is at the rc stage, so will be out soon).  I've started working
on packaging Xen 4.4.1, which is the latest release.  The kernel
portion was easy.  The tools portion compiles and is partially
functional.  For xl, basic information type commands (dmesg, info,
list, cpu-info, etc.) work.  However, trying to setup a domU (xl
create <domain>) has a problem where it can't setup disk devices.
xm has no problem, but it is deprecated and using it gives big
warnings to that effect.  So, we need to get xl working.  I have
a lead on where to look, but it would be nice if others helped out
as well.  I've placed copies of the packages on ftp.netbsd.org in

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