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Re: xen 4.3.2 or newer on NetBSD 6.1.3_PATCH someone working on ?

"bobbi sachez" <bobbisanchez%gmx.de@localhost> writes:

> hi
> this is my first post on the a mailing, list i hope all goes into the
> right section. :)
> I was able to build (kernel+tools) XEN4.3.2 from sources on
> NetBSD6.1.3_PATCH amd64.
> So my question is there anybody working or interested on a newer port
> as 4.2.4 ?

So far 4.2 is the newest in pkgsrc.   If you would like to package 4.3,
that would be great, and I don't think I've seen anyone else saying that
they are doing that.   If you want to put packages for xenkernel43 and
xentools43 (even if really half-baked) in pkgsrc-wip, just send me your
sourceforge userid and I can put you on the ACL.

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