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libvirt status with Xen (netbsd 6.1.2 amd64) ?


I'd like to give libvirt a try for managing Xen domUs. Is it currently
supported/functioning for Xen 4.2? Using the following packages:


Attempting to run virsh I get:

# virsh -c xen:/// list
error: no connection driver available for No connection for URI xen:///
error: failed to connect to the hypervisor

Appears that there's no hypervisor driver support for Xen, if I'm reading right?

# virsh -V
Virsh command line tool of libvirt 0.9.3
See web site at http://libvirt.org/

Compiled with support for:
 Hypervisors: ESX Test
 Networking: Remote Daemon Network Bridging
 Storage: Dir SCSI
 Miscellaneous: Secrets Debug Readline

This within booted Dom0:

NetBSD strekoza.sancho2k.net 6.1.2 NetBSD 6.1.2 (XEN3_DOM0) amd64

Darren Spruell

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