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Re: Xen modules

Le 31/10/2013 23:43, John Nemeth a écrit :
     Thus, this is NOT a module bug at all, but rather loading
modules tickles a latent bug in our Xen code.  For now, I ignore
the error instead of panic()ing.  It would be better not to make
the call at all, but I don't (yet) know how to test for privileges.

     Having made this change, I can now successfully load simple
modules.  I need to go on and test more complex modules.

}-- End of excerpt from John Nemeth


First and foremost, thank you for working on this. Module usage inside Xen is a big plus :) Sorry for seeing the mail that late though :/

Regarding the hypercall privilege, I think that wbinvd gets caught and handled by hypervisor; what happens if you replace the hypercall with


According to Linux paravirt ops struct, the native call seems to be used instead of hypercalls for cache invalidation.


Jean-Yves Migeon

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