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Re: Which version of Xen to use with NetBSD 6.1?

In Message <3FD22D23-5015-45D7-A153-AB1CEAE65AA0%netbsd.org@localhost>,
   Erik Fair <fair%netbsd.org@localhost>wrote:

=>If one has an HP Microserver N40L (AMD Turion II Neo N40L dual core CPU)
=>with 8GB of RAM, and one intends to run nothing but NetBSD 6.1 (or
=>later) as both dom0 and domU, what version of Xen & xentools should one
=>My attempts to install and boot Xen to date have all failed at the same
=>point: the NetBSD boot loader loads it all up, Xen starts, gets to
=>"scrubbing memory" and then the screen goes blank and I have to
=>power-cycle the machine to get it back. VGA console - the system has no
=>RS-232 serial ports - just USB.

   I'm running a 6.1_RC3 DOM0 successfully on a Xen 4.2 kernel and
tools, though on an Athlon II X4 640 w/Gigabyte motherboard.

menu=Boot Xen 4.2 DOM0:load /netbsd-XEN3_DOM0 console=pc;multiboot 
/usr/pkg/xen42-kernel/xen.gz dom0_mem=3072M

   If 4.2 doesn't work for you, I'd suspect something specific to
the hardware. Maybe try adjusting BIOS settings to see if that gets
you any further.

                                        Gary Duzan

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