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Re: conf/files.xen changes proposal

Greg Troxel wrote:
rudolf <netbsd%eq.cz@localhost> writes:
I admit that I am not sure if this proposed change is right. I
contacted the responsible person some time ago and got no answer.

If I build the XEN_DOM0 kernel without CPU_UCODE without this proposed
change, then the build fails. If I build unchanged XEN_DOM0 kernel
(with CPU_UCODE) with this proposed change, the kernel build finishes
without a hiccup (CVS tag netbsd-6-1-RELEASE).

And does it actually work and pass regression tests?

I don't know.

The intent of the
original lines seem clear: xen_ucode and cpu_ucode_amd are required in a
dom0, even if the cpu_ucode option is not given.  When was this
committed?  What did the commit message say?

Fri Jan 13 16:05:16 UTC 2012,

``Support CPU microcode loading via cpuctl(8).
Implemented and enabled via CPU_UCODE kernel config option
for x86 and Xen Dom0.
Tested on different AMD machines with different
CPU families.

ok wiz@ for the manpages
ok releng@
ok core@ via releng@''



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