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Re: Xen 4.2 added to pkgsrc

In Message <201305262044.r4QKiNME010712%vtn1.victoria.tc.ca@localhost>,
   jnemeth%victoria.tc.ca@localhost (John Nemeth)wrote:

=>On Oct 16,  7:37am, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
=>} On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 12:00:13AM -0700, John Nemeth wrote:
=>} > [...]
=>} >      I await the new report with baited breathe.  :-)
=>} I tested the xen 4.2 packages, and could start and stop a netbsd PV domU
=>} without problems. There may be issues with the rc.d scripts, but as
=>     If you're using xl, then you shouldn't have xenbackendd or xend
=>running.  The rc.d scripts have been re-arranged so that xenbackendd
=>gets started by rc.d/xend instead of rc.d/xencommons.  As far as I
=>know, the rc.d scripts are fine.  You should only set xend=YES if you
=>plan on using xm.
=>} I have a special setup where 4 xen versions can coexists, I'm not in
=>} a good position to debug this.
=>     This sounds like a rather complex setup....
=>} HVM guests are not working yet as qemu nor the boot loader are built
=>} at this time. To avoid duplicate work I'll ask: is anyone working on this ?
=>     I updated a bunch of patches before doing the initial commit.
=>However, it was taking a great deal of time to just get them to build
=>and I wanted to get at least something to show, so as you noticed I
=>commented out qemu.  I haven't gotten back to working on qemu and have
=>only made minor fixes since the initial commit.  If you want to work on
=>qemu, that would be great.  Prior to this, I hadn't done any
=>significant work with the Xen codebase, so you're probably a lot more
=>famailiar with it then I am.

   Thanks for all the efforts on this. I'm now running a NetBSD/amd64
6.1 DOM0 with NetBSD/amd64 current and Arch Linux x86_64 DOMUs,
and everything seems stable.

                                        Gary Duzan

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