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Re: Xen 4.2 added to pkgsrc

Le 15/05/2013 09:18, jnemeth%victoria.tc.ca@localhost a écrit :
I've just committed sysutils/xenkernel42 and sysutils/xentools42.
They have had fairly extensive testing, but they are just initial
commits.  I've added them so that people can test them, break them,
improve them, etc.

Thanks for your work!

     Note that xm/xend is deprecated but they do still work.  xl is
working in this version.  But, I've only tested it with file backed
vbds.  I haven't tested it with LVM or raw partitions.

     Major things that don't work yet are HVM and grant tables.  The
issue with HVM is that Qemu wasn't compiling, and I just commented it
out in order to move forward.  The issue with grant tables is that it
appears that the interface has changed and I haven't fully adapted the

     So, have at it.  Let me know what breaks.  Patches would be
greatly appreciated (or just commit if you have cvs access).
Otherwise, I need enough details on what breaks in order to
duplicate/fix the problem.

     One thing to note is that Xen 4.3.0rc1 was released a week ago.
This raises the question of whether to spend a lot of time working on
improving the Xen 4.2 packages, or switch to starting work on the Xen
4.3 packages?  Any thoughts on this question?

That depends on the portability efforts of your patches from 4.2 to 4.3 (that remark will not help you much, I know).

Regarding 4.3, there are a few things that will definitely impact NetBSD in terms of integration: - PCI passthru is closer to the upstreamed QEMU (and also KVM); the upstreaming will likely require patches to adapt to this change in xpci(4) and pciback(4) (hence: more patches);
- CD insertion/ejection through xl (unknown impact on PV guests);
- the cpuidle feature does not require ACPI magic from dom0 anymore, so those that use Xen on a laptop (my case for example) will have an easier time with heat and battery consumption. No patch required, only testing (which I can easily do: booting it on my laptop).

Although 4.3 provides notable improvements, I would not rush into it instead of 4.2. The modifications affect other areas than those you had to patch in 4.2, and getting 4.2 working decently first (especially xl...) is a better choice IMHO.


Jean-Yves Migeon

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