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Re: bhyve and NetBSD

On 3/22/13 1:58 AM, Christoph Egger wrote:

I talked to Joerg at AsiaBSDCon and he mentioned that various developers
are interested in bhyve as a guest and host.

Please drop me a line if interested and we can find the best venue for
discussion. Most facts are at http://bhyve.org and some hang out on
#bhyve on freenode.net. The FreeBSD Virtualization mailing list is the
most official place to discuss it but would be best in regards to NetBSD
as a guest.

What are the differences to KVM?

In principle they are quite similar and there is no question that KVM is in a more advanced state. bhvye is BSD-licensed and I am not clear how KVM was ported to SmartOS.


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