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Re: Specifying names for tap interfaces

Darren Reed wrote:
Roger Pau Monne wrote:
The attached patch adds a new ioctl to perform the rename and
propagate that rename to the associated device_t and sysctl entries.
Please review this patch and check that the use of the spls is
correct. I also had to change a part of the code of bpf_setif in bpf.c
to allow the use of interfaces that doesn't end with a number.

This patch does not appear to be safe for SMP systems where
you might have competing programs trying to rename different
interfaces to the same new name.

Yes, I was expecting this. I've changed it to acquire the KERNEL_LOCK from the check (ifunit) to the end of change (including driver_t and sysctl changes). Do you think the use of splnet and driver_t mutex is correct?


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