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Re: Specifying names for tap interfaces

> To reinforce the point about "<name><number>", you're changing the
> device's name.  How many device names in NetBSD do not end with a
> number?

One thousand and fifteen, according to "ls /dev | egrep -v '[0-9]$' | wc'
on a handy NetBSD box.  One thousand nine hundred and twenty-three,
according to the same command on a different handy NetBSD box.

Removing the dollar sign (and thus eliminating disk partition devices,
possibly among others), I get sixty-seven and one hundred sixteen,
respectively.  Limiting it to just device special files (ls -l output
filtered with "egrep '^[bc]'"), sixty-one and one hundred and one.

Some of those functionally have numbers, just not spelled with digits
(eg [tp]ty?[a-f]).  Manually stripping those still leaves twenty-nine
and fifty-three, respectively.  Way more than zero.

(What are the 29 and 53?  To pick a random ten, thanks to shuffle -f -,
the first machine gives me tty, console, pdiskmctl (one of my own),
null, ipstate, ipauth, openprom, random, apmctl, and audioctl; the
other machine gives me ptmx, null, apm, isdnctl, constty, pf, bthub,
bio, drum, and dmoverio.)

Of course, these are userland names, and restricted to /dev entries at
that.  But this is interfaces to userland we're talking about.

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