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Re: Specifying names for tap interfaces

>>> The ethernet address is not guaranteed to be unique.
>> But you can *choose* to make them unique, can you not?  Seems to me
>> this is just like any other label.
> No, see vlan(4) for example.

Or most (all?) sparc32 machines, which (as is permitted by the spec)
have Ethernet addresses associated with machines rather than
interfaces; if such a machine has multiple interfaces, they usually
(always?) all use the same MAC address.

Peecees don't do this, historically probably because - unlike the Suns
I referred to - they weren't designed with at least one network
interface in every machine and thus prepared to dedicate ROM code and
battery-backed RAM space to handling a per-machine MAC.  And, more
recently, now that there pretty much _is_ a network interface in every
machine, legacy compatability drives retention of the assumption.

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