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Re: Specifying names for tap interfaces

  Anything that we can control, like tap-%domid.%devid would be good
  though. It doesn't have to follow any specific nomenclature, but it
  will be good to be able to specify two integers, one that corresponds
  to the domain id, and another one that identifies the specific network
  card inside that domain.

So there's no need to change the /dev/tapN, or the device number, but
just the name of the interface.   As far as I know that's just a string
in the struct ifnet, and it's compared when one searches by name, so it
should be changeable.  I had thought setting the interface name would
change more and be more intrusive, but maybe it's not so bad.
(It does make sense to require it to start with 'tap' to avoid

It seems easy enough to add the ioctl and see if things blow up...

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