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Re: support for more than 32 CPUs

On Fri, 20 Apr 2012, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
Here it is !

BTW, apparenly you can test this with Qemu, too.
When I last tried this in 2005[1] it was very slow, though, and apparently that hasn't improved. Still, recent qemu has a bunch of knobs to play with:

-smp n[,maxcpus=cpus][,cores=cores][,threads=threads][,sockets=sockets]
                set the number of CPUs to 'n' [default=1]
                maxcpus= maximum number of total cpus, including
                offline CPUs for hotplug, etc
                cores= number of CPU cores on one socket
                threads= number of threads on one CPU core
                sockets= number of discrete sockets in the system

... resulting in NetBSD proving this as:

cpu0 at mainbus0 apid 0: QEMU Virtual CPU version 0.14.1, id 0x633
cpu1 at mainbus0 apid 1: QEMU Virtual CPU version 0.14.1, id 0x633

(I don't have -current or so here, to see how high I can get)

 - Hubert

[1] http://www.feyrer.de/NetBSD/blog.html/nb_20051222_0659.html

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