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Re: PV domU boot hung when using an lvm logical volume as a disk

On 3/31/12 8:40 PM, Toby Karyadi wrote:

I've got a netbsd 6.99.4 dom0 on top of Xen 4.1.2. I also had a PV domU that was also running netbsd of the same build as the dom0 and had a disk referring to a raw LVM logical volume (LV). It would hang during boot (see DETAILS below). The boot up process hung just after setup of the balloon driver (see DETAILS below). When I removed the raw LV disk definition from the domU configuration file, the domU booted up fine, that is using a wedge (/dev/rdk*) as a disk for the domU worked properly.

When I excluded the raw LV from the domU config so that it could boot up and did 'xm block-attach <domname> phy:/dev/vg00/rlv1 hdc w', the disk will appear in the domU as xbd2. I noticed however that the dom0 console reported something like below:

I believe a block device is expected, hence the problems you're seeing. I'm using LVM with Xen just fine:

disk = [ 'phy:/dev/mapper/vg0-peerroot,hda,w',


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