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Re: Trying to get "a" version of *BSD XEN in .iso to load on a DELL 1850 POWEREDGE (intel chip 64bit)

Christoph Egger writes:
- On 02/24/12 10:00, Roger Pau Monné wrote:
- > 2012/2/23 Eric Schnoebelen<eric%cirr.com@localhost>:
- >> I don't know if anyones created a bootable ISO that starts a XEN
- >> hypervisor as part of the boot, but it's been something I've
- >> considered [...]
- >
- > I would also like to do something similar with NetBSD, but that will
- > require some work.
- Zafer made some NetBSD 5 LiveCDs which can boot Xen Dom0 out of the box.

I don't think I ever saw those. I'd love to have the scripts, or
at least the process he used to generate the LiveCD's.. I'd want
to integrate them into the standard build sequence, as much as



Eric Schnoebelen                eric%cirr.com@localhost         
     "Don't ever speak more clearly than you think..." -- Neils Bohr

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