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Linux vs. NetBSD disk enumeration

When I'm working with EC2 images, I can successfully get NetBSD to boot by attaching block devices as "/dev/sda1" and "/dev/sda2" which come up as xbd0 and xbd1 (respectively) consistently. However, if I attempt to have the domU start with one of their "ephemeral" block devices as, say, "/dev/sda3" or "/dev/sdf", these devices are attached by NetBSD in a different order, and I get an error because the kernel can't then find /sbin/init (because suddenly it's not on xbd1 like it should be)

A quick glance at kernel configs doesn't give me a clue how I might wire these down; I assume the xenbus "id" is needed, but of course, this will be different every time.

Any suggestions?


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