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Re: Using disk image from NFS crashes kernel

2011/10/31 Stephen Borrill <netbsd%precedence.co.uk@localhost>:
> It would be good if it worked, but there are alternatives such as
> istgt/iscsi-target + iscsi-initiator. The nice thing about these is that
> they offer an easy migration route - the same files you are trying to use
> with NFS can be used as the backing files for the iscsi target software (and
> will work as sparse files too).

The problem is that I'm trying to use OpenNebula to orchestrate the
cloud infrastructure, and currently there's no iscsi support for
OpenNebula. Maybe with glusterfs I can get OpenNebula to work, if the
kernel is not experiencing the same problems as with NFS.

Thanks, Roger.

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