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Re: vlans and bridges in Xen

I've just realized what the problem was, I had bnx1 bridged, and all
packets (tagged or not) where sent to bridge1 instead of the
corresponding bridge for every vlan (what's strange is that vlan
intefaces worked correctly, the problem was with DomU packets only).
The result for the tcpdump -e -v was:

09:09:23.383347 20:fd:f1:77:b2:8a (oui Unknown) > 01:80:c2:00:00:00
(oui Unknown), 802.3, length 64: LLC, dsap STP (0x42) Individual, ssap
STP (0x42) Command, ctrl 0x03: STP 802.1w, Rapid STP, Flags [Forward],
bridge-id 8000.20:fd:f1:77:b2:77.8012, length 47
        message-age 0.00s, max-age 20.00s, hello-time 2.00s,
forwarding-delay 15.00s
        root-id 8000.20:fd:f1:77:b2:77, root-pathcost 0, port-role Designated

Once I removed the bnx1 interface from the bridge everything started
working correctly. Since I only have tagged traffic on this interface
I don't need the bnx1 bridge anymore, but this could be a problem in
some other situation.

Thanks, Roger.

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