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Re: amd64 HVM(+PV) domUs: losing 10+ minutes a day

On 08/23/11 14:25, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
>> Furthermore, I couldn't find an equivalent of independent_wallclock on
>> the dom0 (NetBSD - message cc'd to port-xen@netbsd)
> What is "independent_wallclock" ?

A fine question. I think it's a linux/freebsd i386 sysctl that decouples
the domU clock from the host, but I'm not too sure about this.

According to that logic it wouldn't make much sense for it to exist on
the dom0, but then again I may be misunderstanding something. Not too
familiar with the inner details on how the OS keeps time.

Perhaps a developer on freebsd-xen could add some insight ?



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