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Panic with xen 3.3.2 on domU creation


Reporting this one;

dom0 is NetBSD 5.99.52/amd64

fatal page fault in supervisor mode
trap type 6 code 0 rip ffffffff80217ff6 cs e030 rflags 10283 cr2  10 cpl
8 rsp ffffa000344beb80
kernel: page fault trap, code=0
Stopped in pid 0.4 (system) at  netbsd:turnstile_block+0x13a:   movq
turnstile_block() at netbsd:turnstile_block+0x13a
mutex_vector_enter() at netbsd:mutex_vector_enter+0xc0
biodone2() at netbsd:biodone2+0x16
biointr() at netbsd:biointr+0x31
softint_thread() at netbsd:softint_thread+0x58
ds          dd
es          6c45
fs          eb60
gs          0
rdi         ffffa0003ec9b5a8
rsi         ffffa0003436d000
rbp         ffffa000344bebc0
rbx         fffffffffffffff0
rdx         ffffa00034368420
rcx         dd
rax         fffffffffffffff0
r8          0
r9          dd
r10         0
r11         ffffffff80303458    ttpoll
r12         ffffa0003436d000
r13         dd
r14         ffffa0003436d000
r15         ffffa0003436eed0
rip         ffffffff80217ff6    turnstile_block+0x13a
cs          e030
rflags      10283
rsp         ffffa000344beb80
ss          e02b
netbsd:turnstile_block+0x13a:   movq    20(%rax),%rax

The domU went all the way to:
raidattach: Asked for 8 units
Kernelized RAIDframe activated
Searching for RAID components...

And at this point the dom0 crashed.

At the moment of the crash there were 7 other VMs running; The system
had been up for 2 days, with many VM start/stop cycles (it may be a
different problem but I notice the system tends to crash after a lot of
start/stop activity. I'm unsure how to debug it further, as the crashes
happen at seemingly random time; and this panic may indeed be a
different problem altogether)

I had successfully installed 2 other NetBSD domUs since the last reboot,
so this is not reproducible by just launching the domU install again.

Just to be sure, tried to start all the other vms after reboot and
recreated the VM that caused the panic, and I'm at the install screen now.

Is the provided information enough to divine anything? I'm afraid I
can't reliably trigger this one.

Best regards,


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