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Re: xenkernel41

On Sat, Aug 06, 2011 at 05:06:04PM +0100, Patrick Welche wrote:
> I assume that to run xen on -current/amd64, I need from pkgsrc xentools41 and
> xenkernel41?

No, xen*3 and xen*33 should work as well.

> When trying to compile xenkernel41, I get:
> domain.c: In function 'hypercall_create_continuation':
> domain.c:1595:5: error: implicit declaration of function 
> '__builtin_stdarg_start'
> Is this maybe because I am using "HAVE_GCC=45" ?


Manuel Bouyer <bouyer%antioche.eu.org@localhost>
     NetBSD: 26 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference

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