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RE: Bridging - cannot ping other DomU hosts

> > vif = [ 'ip="", mac=00:16:3e:00:00:14,
> bridge=bridge0,
> > type=ioemu, model=e1000' ]
> ok, I would guess this is the issue.
> I ran in something similar, which I worked arond by moving one
> domU to another dom0 because I didn't have time to debug it
> at this time.
> What happens, from memory, is that the e1000 emulation fails to
> pad the
> packet it sends to 64 bytes if it's too short. This is not an
> issue
> when the packet it bridged to a real interface because the real
> interface
> will do the padding.
> But if it's bridged to another, local virtual ethernet, the
> packet is
> rejected because it's too short.
> I don't have a fix for this for now; a workaround is to use
> another
> emulation (the realtek one works fine, but is a bit slower ...)

I used 'rtl8139' as the vif model type on both two Windows DomU
instances and I am not able to ping each other directly. I also cannot
ping the Dom0 instance either from either of the DomU instances.

I only have one HVM cpu type machine at this time so cannot migrate one
of the DomU instance.

I'm going to try other vif types.


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