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Re: Instructions for running NetBSD on EC2

On 26.01.2011 02:46, Alistair Crooks wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been asked to distribute the notes and instructions I received
> about running NetBSD/EC2 to the port-xen list.  These are from some
> time ago (June 2010, I believe), but should be useful to people.  I
> can't remember whether anonymity was requested in this (it's not
> obvious from my notes of the phone call), I don't think so, but just
> in case, I'll remove identifying traces.  If I've got it wrong, then
> I'll re-post with the correct attributions.  Please advise.
> Please feel free to contact me if anything is unclear.

>> [lots of notes for EC2 AMI build]

FWIW, I am currently working on two pkg for EC2 (they are currently in wip):


So all this dance will be easier to get done once finished. I consider
ec2-api-tools ready, but will upload both simultaneously (as well as
writing something in the wiki to use them)

The ami-tools is the one to generate the AMIs. Currently, only Solaris,
and to some extent Linux (I'd rather say: "certain Linux distros") are
supported. The support scripts are written in Ruby, so I had to find my
way through the language first before starting to write down the
modules. It's fairly trivial though.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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