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Re: nfe problem on dom0 kernel 5.99.24 [need help]

On Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 4:15 AM, Jean-Yves Migeon
<jeanyves.migeon%free.fr@localhost> wrote:
> On 02/26/10 10:11, Sam Fourman Jr. wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> I am trying to get a NetBSD CURRENT machine working so we can hack on
>> lvm or zfs backed domu's
>> in my day long quest to achieve this, it seems that my nfe network
>> cards work fine in GENERIC 5.99.24 but are missing from ifconfig -a
>> with a dom0 kernel
>> I have another machine with this same Asus motherboard running a
>> netbsd-5 dom0 kernel just fine
>> anyhelp debugging this would be greatly appreciated
>> configs below
> If possible, boot with a xen-debug kernel, and post the xm dmesg. Failing to
> create DMA memory is likely to be due to an error returned by hypervisor.
> --
> Jean-Yves Migeon
> jeanyves.migeon%free.fr@localhost
here it is


These lines look weird

(XEN) traps.c:2180:d0 Domain attempted WRMSR 00000000000001a0 from
00000040:60970481 to 00000040:60931c09.
(XEN) io_apic.c:2192:
(XEN) ioapic_guest_write: apic=0, pin=2, old_irq=0, new_irq=-1
(XEN) ioapic_guest_write: old_entry=000009f0, new_entry=00010900
(XEN) ioapic_guest_write: Attempt to remove IO-APIC pin of in-use IRQ!

Sam Fourman Jr.

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