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Re: [PAE support] Types + cosmetic fixes

> I would like to see paddr_t and related types always be 64-bit, regardless
> of whether the kernel is PAE enabled.  If not we effectively create a new
> platform.  Do you envision any compatibility problems with userspace
> applications from this change?

On mips ports, we already (unfortunately) have two types of paddr_t
(by _MIPS_PADDR_T_64BIT, even on 32bit mips) but AFAIK
there is no particular ABI issue among userland pkgsrc binaries.

The only place where paddr_t is exported to userland is <sys/mbuf.h>
but I don't know if such struct members are actually used in userland.

But, I agree it's better to make paddr_t always 64 bit,
if there is no ABI issue on the transition.
Izumi Tsutsui

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