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PAE/non-PAE Xen kernel

Hello list, and merry Christmas,

I'm trying to set up a Dom0 host with NetBSD-5.0.1 and Xen from the
2009Q3 pkgsrc. The machine is an "old" AMD Athlon, and while booting I
get a panic from Xen (that I have just 5 sec to read) about a mismatch
between Xen kernel and Dom0 kernel on PAE capabilities ? It looks like
the one described there:

If I get it right, I need to build a Xen kernel without PAE support.
How do I do that in pkgsrc ? And by the way, is there any way to keep
Xen from rebooting at this point so you can read what exactly happens ?

Thanks for your interest in my question.


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