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Re: Xen on Mac Mini (intel), anyone ?


> Anyone has Xen3 running on the intel Mac mini ?
> Either the previous "Intel 82945GM" and/or the new "nVidia 9400M" version.

Yes. NetBSD 4.x and Xen proved very stable but note that it will not
support Boot Camp by default. Seek other information on supporting it in
non-Xen configurations if you want.

NetBSD 5.0.1 is proving frustrating though: amd64/x86_64 works for Xen
but gives constant network errors, even with a USB network adapter.

i386 gives stable network performance but it would seem that the
netbsd-XEN3-DOM0.gz kernel does not appear to work with the
xenkernel33-3.3.1nb6 package. (The same pair works with amd64)

You will receive (i386, not amd64/x86_64):

Mismatch between XEN and DOM0 kernel

You want netbsd-XEN3PAE_DOM0.gz but it is not in the standard places.
One is posted at:


This boots!

One annoyance: there is a long delay at boot but zero delay when the
boot choices are given. Just keep tapping 1 or 6...


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