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Xorg under xen33 dom0

I'm sure this question has been asked before. I installed xen*33 on my
NetBSD 5.0.1 box and the text console is working fine, i.e. the setup is
ok so far.

However, the radeonhd driver of Xorg doesn't detect any video memory.
If I specify some amount of memory in xorg.conf, it hits an assertion
with some CursorMem == -1. If I then enable the software cursor, I end
up with the driver not finding a useable video output path... it seems
to be an endless sequence of problems.

I then tried vesa, which works for a part in that it switches the video
resolution. However the base address of the frame buffer doesn't seem
to be changed, because on the top scanlines I can see some pixel
garbage from the text console output. There is no cursor and no X output

Without Xorg on dom0 Xen is pretty much useless for me, so I'm eager to
find a solution to my problems.

My graphics card is an ASUS EAH3450, which is detected as a radeonhd
RV620 chipset. It works fine in NetBSD native mode, just not in dom0.

Is there any advice for me to try out tweaks or config settings?


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