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Re: SSE2

Following up to my own message:
>Should using SSE2 work on Xen now ? There is an email thread from several
>years ago that said that it didn't.
>I'm running an i386 NetBSD 5 DOMU on top of an amd64 NetBSD-current DOM0.
>On the DOMU I get:
>machdep.fpu_present = 1
>machdep.osfxsr = 0
>machdep.sse = 0
>machdep.sse2 = 0
>machdep.cpu_brand = Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU  230   @ 1.60GHz

Why is the CPUID_FXSR bit removed from the kernel's copy of the
features word when building for XEN ?

There is code to do this in :


Robert Swindells

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