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static ARP entry bug?


I posted the message below to tech-net, but furthuer
testing showed that this problem happens only on a xen domU.

----- Forwarded message from Emmanuel Dreyfus <manu%netbsd.org@localhost> -----


It seems that NetBSD 5.0 is not able to get a static arp
eentry anymore:

I pick up an entry in my ARP table and delete it before 
adding it with arp -s, and I get a log from the kernel:
arp_rtrequest: bad gateway value

Since I used an arp entry that was already in the table, 
I am quite confident that the host is indeed reachable on 
that interface.

Is this a known problem? How am I supposed to add a 
static ARP entry in NetBSD 5.0?

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Emmanuel Dreyfus

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