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xend gets SIGBUS and cores under -current


I'm trying to update a amd64 dom0 to -current (to use dm(4)).

I've been unable to get xend to stay running. The python interperter
recives a SIGBUS (signal 10) and dumps core.

The kdump(1) shows interesting oddness:
245 8 python2.5 PSIG SIGBUS SIG_DFL: code=SI_USER sent by pid=-87363552, 
note the bogus pid and uid, these two values change to different
yet similar value from trace to trace.

I've tried xenkernel3/xentools3 with python25, and xenkernel33/xentools33
with both python25 and python26.  All these cases exhibit a similar
SIGBUS to xend.

I'm running 5.99.11, sources from about the 17th.

        Jonathan Kollasch

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