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Re: Some questions about x86/xen pmap

Jean-Yves Migeon wrote:
> Andrew Doran wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> Just to set the background, to make Xen save/restore/migrate work
>>> under a NetBSD domU, I have to do some slight modifications to the
>>> pmap, for two reasons:
>>> - Xen (and xentools) do not handle alternative recursive mappings
>>> (the APDP entries in our PD).
>> I' planning to elminate these for native x86. Instead of using the
>> alternate space, native x86 will temporarily switch the pmap onto the CPU. I
>> discussed this briefly with Manuel and he suggested that there may be 
>> problems with
>> this approach for xen. My patch leaves it unchanged for xen.

Alternatively, you can implement APDP support in Xen.


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