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High interrupt when using 'dd' with Xen DOM0 kernel


I upgraded from a quite old (november) NetBSD 4.99 i386 to NetBSD 5
amd64. (with latest XEN33 packages)

I tried dd if=/dev/zero of=DomU.img bs=1m count=10240 to make a new
image to create a domU
but this make interrupt to go to 97%
CPU states:  1.0% user,  0.0% nice,  0.0% system, 97.1% interrupt,  2.0% idle
0 root    126    0    0K  12M pgdaemon  5:36 76.07% 76.07% [system]

If I boot with GENERIC I didn't get any problem.
I also tried with DOM0 kern but with xend & cie stopped and interrupt
also goes high

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