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Re: 512 Mb grub bug

On 8/04/2009 3:42 AM, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
On Tue, Apr 07, 2009 at 12:11:54PM -0500, david l goodrich wrote:
I'm a bit hesitant to modify the boot record of a working OS, is
a grub menu.lst like this subject to the 512mb limit?

default 0
timeout 1

title NetBSD (wd0)
  root (hd0,0,a)
  chainloader +1

This should be safe, because grub won't try to read the ffs in this

That should pass me straight to the netbsd bootloader and I can
then use that to load the xen kernel.  Right?


Out of curiosity, is anyone else seeing grub dump core with amd64 current? Ever since there has been some binary compat issues, it hasn't worked for me. All the prerequisites are there ...

Luckily I don't actually need the grub cmd line for anything.


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